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Fellowship at UPMC Shadyside
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The University of Pittsburgh offers two Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship experiences. These two fellowships function essentially as one larger UPMC program with two affiliated institutions: UPMC Shadyside and UPMC St. Margaret.

The Shadyside and St Margaret sports medicine fellowships function essentially as one larger program with two different affiliated institutions. 

The fellowships are structured such that there are many similarities but also some important differences between the two programs.  Pittsburgh is known for its sports teams, its strength in orthopedic medicine, and its academic teaching.  Both fellowship programs take advantage of these resources.  The Shadyside and the St Margaret programs equally expose the fellows to the same orthopedic surgeons, specialty clinics, and sports medicine faculty for fellow instruction.  The schedule for each fellow is carefully constructed.  The end result is that both programs provide comparable exposure and promote a superior learning experience designed to provide an excellent knowledge base, promote curiosity and growth, and provide our graduates a diverse breadth of experience that can be applied to any number of primary care sports medicine career options.

The Shadyside Fellowship program currently has one fellow, and St Margaret Fellowship program has two.  The fellows from both programs, however, work closely with each other and share their experiences throughout the year.  The main difference between the programs is the fellow’s training room experience and team coverage.

Fellowship at UPMC Shadyside
Under the direction of Dr. Tanya Hagen, the UPMC Shadyside fellow’s main team coverage experience is at Robert Morris University (RMU). RMU is a moderate size school just west of the city that boasts 23 sports teams including a D1AA football program, D1 basketball, and the city’s only NCAA D1 hockey. At RMU, the fellow enjoys significant autonomy, both in the training room and on the field, but has continuously available back-up from Dr. Hagen. The fellow is expected to travel with the football team from the beginning and, as such, quickly becomes the “go-to” person for athletic injuries and illness even at home. This provides valuable exposure where the fellow is truly able to act as one of the team physicians. In addition to the RMU experience, the fellow acts as head physician for athletics at a local high school and at LaRoche College. They also have the opportunity to get involved in treating student athletes and dancers at Point Park University. This diverse exposure and independence promotes confidence and an excellent breadth of knowledge in sports medicine.

Fellowship at UPMC St. Margaret
Under the direction of Dr. Jeanne M. Doperak, the two St Margaret fellows care for the athletes at the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, South Park High School, and Shaler Area High School.

In order to provide the most well rounded experience for both of the St Margaret sports medicine fellows, each St Margaret fellow is assigned to cover one of the larger DI teams at the University of Pittsburgh and is also assigned another experience at a moderate sized athletic program.  The current coverage assignments allow one fellow to cover and care for the University of Pittsburgh D1 football athletes at the Univ of Pitt/Steelers training facility and also provide coverage to the basketball and other diverse athletes at Duquesne University.  The second St Margaret fellow is assigned to cover and care for the University of Pittsburgh men’s and women’s D1 basketball teams and other diverse athletes at the main Pitt campus training room facility, while also covering the football athletes at St Vincent’s College. 

In this matter, each St Margaret fellow is provided the exhilarating experience of providing care for the athletes at a large, DI athletics program, but is also afforded the invaluable autonomy of serving as a team physician, attending home games, traveling to away games, providing comprehensive care to athletes in the training room, and becoming an integral part of the athlete’s experience at a moderate sized athletic program.  Each fellow also cares for a high school athletics program throughout the year, rounding out their hands-on, training room, and on-field experiences.

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